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Transfer Google Apps Docs Ownership Between Users

What used to be a very common feature request for Google Apps has now become a reality. Google Apps administrators can now transfer Google Documents between users. This feature is particularly handy when a user is about to or has already left your organization or when an administrator would like to exercise greater control over Google Docs and who has access to what.

A recent update for Google Apps Docs allows domain administrators to transfer ownership of Google Docs to another user. There can be only one owner of a Google Doc but many different viewers and editors. By default the creator of the document is the initial owner of it as well. With this update administrators can now transfer the ownership of all documents of one user to another user. This update only allow administrators to transfer all the documents of an individual user not individual documents. If you want to transfer individual documents you must use the Google Documents List API as an administrator. Users themselves are already capable of transferring ownership of their docs to another user.

When you transfer ownership of a user's documents to another user the original owner/creator will retain editor privileges of the document.

How to

  • First step as usual is to log in to your Google Apps domain as an administrator.
  • Click on the Manage This Domain link near the upper left of your email screen.

manage google apps domain

  • Click the Advanced Tools tab on the main menu.

advanced tools apps

  • Scroll down to the Documents Ownership Transfersection near the bottom.
    • Find the From: field and enter the user name of the current Google Apps Document owner that you wish to transfer.
    • Find the To: field and enter the name of the user whom you wish to transfer ownership to.
    • Click the Transfer Documents button to initiate the docs transfer.

transfer google apps documents

You may experience an issue when you try to transfer a users documents to another user who does not have enough space to store the documents. Always check to see the available space by clicking the upload button in the user's Docs list and viewing the amount of storage used/available information. In the event that there is an issue with the Docs/Documents transfer both administrator and user will receive an email detailing what the problem was.

  • After the Docs transfer all Documents will be located in a new Google Docs Collection. The prior owner's email address is on the title of the document and the prior owner, new owner and Apps Administrator will each receive a confirmation email.

Tranfer Ownership of a User's Google Docs to another User Tips and Best Practices

  • Always check that the user who is receiving the Docs transfer has enough Document Storage space.
  • If you need more storage space you can also buy more document storage from Google at the following location; https://www.google.com/accounts/b/0/PurchaseStorage?hl=en_US
  • To transfer individual Google Docs from an administrator's point of view use must use the Google Documents List API.

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